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Work STILL in progress September 2017…. the airfields updates are taking longer than expected, and a long sought after batch of 1930’s adverts are finally being processed…

Please Note: The full database of British Aviation Advertisements (1909-1980) will remain fully active at and continue to be regularly updated – this new website will complement the reference database but focus on articles about the database content and related topics.

For previous users of this website and those arriving here following broken links I apologise for the inconvenience but legacy articles are safe and will be included here in due course.

Week ending July 23rd 2017 work in progress updating the classified directory access to the main database and producing responsive options for smart device users – this will probably take some time so new content here might be a bit thin for a few days.

Now the bulk of the work on the Aviation Adverts Database and Directory is complete I’m taking the opportunity to update my UK Airfields website at Aerial Views Of UK Airfields.  This update is long overdue and very important in bringing the content up to date.