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An Opening Exists For A Jet Airliner

Iconic Aviation Ad Role Equipment Flight Refuelling 1950

An Opening Exists For A Jet Airliner

It is common knowledge that refuelling in flight has triumphed over the limitations of range and endurance for all current types of aircraft—jet fighters as well as piston-engined airliners and long-range bombers. The most spectacular instances of this triumph were last year's non-stop flight round the world by a Boeing B-50 of the United States Air Force, and the refuellingof a Meteor jet fighter which remained airborne for twelve hours.

En-route fuelling has proved itself a fully practicable proposition on day and night airline schedules. The Flight Refuelling Service has all the experience and equipment necessary to ensure safe and efficient operation with the fastest jet airliners.

Flight Refuelling Ltd. Tarrant Rushton Airfield, Blandford, Dorset

Contractors to H.M. Government and United States Air Force

Flight Refuelling

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